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Episode 9: Jason Barnett

Paul Hunter talks to performer Jason Barnett about awkward auditions, Champagne Saturdays and his varied career which spans film, theatre and TV.

Episode 8: Omari Douglas

Paul Hunter talks to performer Omari Douglas about re-discovering his accent, stepping out of his comfort zone and the special energy of 'It’s A Sin.'

Episode 7: Kathryn Hunter

Paul talks to stage, film and TV actor and Director Kathryn Hunter about the early days of Complicite, whether she prefers acting or directing and having the opportunity of playing Lear again after 24 years.

Episode 6: Emma Rice

Paul talks to actor, director and Wise Children Artistic Director Emma Rice about her early days in Nottingham, finding her 'Happy Poland' and having never been offered the lead role.

Episode 5: Aitor Basauri

In this episode, Paul talks to clown and Spymonkey co-founder Aitor Basauri about growing up in a 'communa' in the Basque Country, being a 'bad actor' and the struggle between his dream of becoming a professional surfer and his love of wine. The Spymonkey webinar that Aitor mentions has now happened, but you can check out Spymonkey’s upcoming training opportunities here: https://www.spymonkey.co.uk/training.html

Episode 4: Amanda Lawrence

Paul talks to stage, film and TV actor Amanda Lawrence about coming from Devon, her journey into the world of professional theatre and what it's like to have her own Top Trumps card.

Episode 3: Zoe Rahman

Paul talks to jazz pianist and composer, MOBO award winner and Mercury Prize nominee Zoe Rahman about her early inspirations and influences, 'lightbulb moments' and the joy of live performance - from both a performer's and audience member's perspective.

Episode 2: Ayesha Antoine

Paul talks to actor and writer Ayesha Antoine about her childhood on and off screen as a member of the cast of Grange Hill, why she nearly became a barrister and her first taste of TV stardom - aged 8.

Episode 1: Edward Petherbridge

Paul talks to veteran performer, writer and painter Edward Petherbridge about his early life in Bradford, what it was like working with Sir Laurence Olivier and meeting HRH herself.

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